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Who or what is TiMMi?

TiMMi Transport is a community of private individuals, professional bike couriers, companies, and charitable organisations. Officially, we are two German organisations; the company, TiMMi Transport GmbH, and the charity, TiMMi ToHelp e. V.. Eco-friendliness, fairness & the challenge of building a good company, which doesn't exploit people or the planet & generates a positive effect on everyone is what drives us. You can read more on this in our Vision. We call everyone who is part of the community a TiMMi ;) Why TiMMi? It's an acronym from the names of the two girls who started this amazing journey!

What services does TiMMi offer me?

TiMMi offers eco-friendly & fair inner-city delivery via a network of professional bike couriers and private individuals; our peer transporters.

Request delivery jobs for private or business needs, use our network to help you reach new customers for your physical or online shop, or become a professional or a casual transporter!

You can choose between four different delivery categories:

a. EXPRESS: Professional delivery with a bike courier within 30min.

b. STANDARD: Professional delivery with a bike courier within 2hrs.

c. PEER DELIVERY: Find people on the platform with whom your package can share the ride when they're going that way anyway.

d. CHARITABLE TRANSPORT: Find people on the platform who are eager to help your charity with transportation or even help with moving for people in need

How are TiMMi deliveries insured?

If your delivery is going with a professional courier, their usual insurance conditions apply. For peer delivery jobs, breakage insurance for a value of up to 1000€ is standard.

What kind of things can TiMMi deliver?

From urgent documents to flyers, which need to be distributed, keys that were forgotten or a suit that needs to be drycleaned, bike couriers take everything which fits in a backpack (up to 20kg) or on a cargobike (up to 90kg). They're there to make your life at home and at work easier. In most locations, bike couriers also have access to an electric car or van for larger or long-distance deliveries. Check out our local partner for details. Our peer transporters are also well used to bizarre transport requests... coffins - empty! - dance costumes & washing machines - they've seen it all! See our list of inspiration for more details but remember (as if we need to say it) dangerous and/or illegal goods are totally forbidden.

Where is TiMMi active?

The bike couriers in our network come from all the major German cities. Check our list of partners to see if your location is there.

The platform for peer transporters can be used for any address, anywhere in the world. Since we are a start-up from Leipzig, our community is most active here. Rest of the world, never fear, we're coming! Get in touch with us if you want to help bring the movement to your city. You are part of the TiMMi connunity; the community is anywhere you are!

What does TiMMi cost?

You can choose whether you want to request a professional courier for your delivery or if its not so urgent, to use the peer transporter community. The pro courier price for EXPRESS or STANDARD jobs varies depending on the city or partner.

For a peer delivery, you are free to decide how much you want to pay. When you create a job, we give you a suggestion, in case you're not sure how much you should offer. We don't charge fees for the platform.

Charitable deliveries are done on a (surprise!) charitable basis, though requesters do often offer a piece of cake or a biscuit as a token of thanks.

How can I become a member of the TiMMi community?

You can get active as a requester or a transporter, or just by being an ambassador for the movement - in any case, you make a contribution to protecting the environment and campaigning for fair pay in the logistics sector. Give us a thumbs up on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or sign-up for our Newsletter (currently only in German) to stay up to date. Join us and throw in your 2 cents however it suits you best; as a quiet oberver or a loud & proud flag-bearer!

If you're interested in TiMMi because you want to reach new customers with a delivery, get in touch with us directly so that we can give you info tailored to your specific situation.

Do you want to get or give help in the network of charitable transporters? Get in touch with the TiMMi ToHelp charity for more info.

Do you have another question?

No problemo! Give us a call or write to us, any time!

Phone: +49341/69769824
Mobile: +49171/4167719